MODAD Construction

MODAD Construction was founded in 2011 as a subsidiary of MODAD Group. Hard work, innovation, and dedication have allowed us to emerge as a leading engineering solutions provider, and construction contractor in Egypt, and the Middle East.
We understand that built-up spaces are utilitarian and need to serve a function, yet it is also an extension of the people who interact and engage with it. We don’t just deliver a project; we deliver an experience, a space that will give back and serve generations for decades to come. As contractors, we specialize in and deliver construction projects that vary in scale and complexity. Our diverse roster of successful projects includes but is not limited to residential villas, industrial complexes, commercial spaces, and medical buildings.


The faces behind our continuous success

Eng. Mohamed El Haddad


Eng. Mostafa Ezzat

Chief Operations Officer

Dr. Mohamed Asaad

Group Deputy Chief Financial Officer

Osama Eldemerdash

Chief Financial Officer

Eng. Mahmoud Abdallah

Chief Public Relations Officer

Eng. Mohamed Ibrahim

Commercial Director

Lamia Mostafa

Group Chief Marketing Officer

Maha El Kotaby

Business Development Senior Manager

Eng. Beshoy Tharwat

Project Control Senior Manager

Eng. Abdelrahman Seoudy

Strategy Management Officer

Reham Eita

Document Control & Quality Assurance Senior Manager


MODAD Construction is a value-driven organization. We aim to demonstrate our values in every interaction we make.


Providing our clients with solutions that are innovative while adhering to global standards and best practices is one of our main drivers. We believe that quality is a crucial factor in our industry, at the heart of everything we do. Thus, we operate under a solid corporate framework in which the executive departments coordinate and collaborate to meet the demands of our clients and projects.


Business relationships with our clients, suppliers, employees, stakeholders, and community are the foundation of sustainable long-term success. We are well known for reliability and transparency in our business dealings.


We believe that in order to be truly successful in both business and life, we must always be honest and open with our stakeholders. We believe that openness and honesty make for the best relationships because they lead to trust and thus create the most successful relationships.


Our Human Capital is the driver behind our success. We operate on the belief that respecting individuals, appreciating our differences, and celebrating them is what keeps us connected as an organization and helps us build long-lasting relationships within MODAD Construction and with our clients. The synergy created by mutual respect is reflected in everything we do.


Commitment drives our desire to create quality. From the start of design to the end of the assembly, we work hard to ensure our clients’ needs are met efficiently and exceptionally. We actively tailor solutions for our clients that best achieve our stakeholders’ goals. Lasting relationships are the essence of our business. Our dedicated team sets us apart.